Training POD, WP&B, and AFE Concepts Based on Production Sharing Contract Aspects

POD WP&B and AFE Concepts Based on Production Sharing Contract Aspects





Training POD, WP&B, and AFE Concepts Based on Production Sharing Contract Aspects – The PSC originated in the 1960s in Indonesia. It has now spread around the world. This model reflects a much cleaner separation between state (politics, bureaucracy) and the investor. The production-sharing contract, over the last 40 years, the probably most dominant form of granting access to oil & gas exploration and development to international petroleum companies in developing countries. Its distinct character is that production is shared rather than tax/royalties being paid and that the foreign/national investor (now contractor) is in a contractual relationship with the Government which holds the original mining title. The Government may exercise quite lose control or much more close control over management. Functionally and financially, the PSC models need different in terms of management control, depend on the specific management system established and on the way it is implemented. Contracts can be unstable, and one or both signatories may want to renegotiate. As oil exploration and development projects are characterized by large capital investments, long lead times, incomplete information, and (in most cases) significant differences in each counterparty’s ability to bear the risks involved in an oil & gas industry. The current condition is confusing development on limitations of cost recovery. Technically, contractors don’t make profits out of cost recovery. Cost recovery will be converted in barrels and it can be a ”bad barrels”, as opposed to a “good barrels”, depends on the last crude price when the investment can be recovered. The value of these bad barrels is even worse if cost recovery is charged over several years of PSC depreciation (for capital expenditures), widening the time gap between cash outflow from the pay-out and inflow from cost recovery barrels and tax deductibility. This alone is a strong enough reason why a PSC operator should always strive to be as efficient as possible. Production Sharing Contracts needs approvals for Plan of Development (POD), Work Program & Budget (WP&B), and Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) from BPMIGAS to execute their programs. The approvals are based on the economic and optimal management of the programs.



Materi Pelatihan POD, WP&B, and AFE Concepts Based on Production Sharing Contract Aspects :

  • Legal Aspect in Production Sharing Contract
  • Interdepartmental Relationship
  • History of Production Sharing Contract
  • Production Sharing Contract Agreement in brief
  • Overview of project economics in Indonesian PSC regime
  • Defining costs, cost recovery, and domestic market obligations under PSC Agreement
  • Role & rules of Project Evaluation
  • Basic of economic/financial evaluation techniques in feasibility study
  • Commitment in Exploration Stage of PSC
  • Plan of Development in Development Stage of PSC
  • Work Program & Budget
  • Authorization of Expenditures
  • Place into Service (PIS)
  • Closed out AFE
  • PP No. 79/2010 regarding cost recovery
  • Tender process & procedure.



Fasilitas Training Yang Diperoleh :

  • Lokasi Training di Hotel Bintang 3-5
  • Ruang Pelatihan Full AC, Toilet dan Musholla
  • Perlengkapan Visual LCD Proyektor, & Whiteboard
  • Akses Internet Wireless
  • Smoking Area.
  • Modul Materi (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
  • Flashdisk
  • Training Kit (Co-Card, Bolpoin, & Buku Catatan)
  • Sertifikat Keikutsertaan Training
  • Merchandise menarik dari Duta Pro Training & Consulting
  • Konsultasi dengan Instruktur setelah Pelatihan
  • 1x Makan Siang dan 2x Coffee Break (Jam 10:00 & 14:00)
  • Penjemputan Bandara – Hotel

Lokasi Training di Jakarta :

Lokasi Training di Kota Lainnya :

  • Yogyakarta : Hotel Dafam Malioboro, Ibis Style Malioboro, Forriz Hotel, Neo Malioboro
  • Bandung : Ibis Pasteur Hotel, Gino Feruci Hotel, Verona Palace Hotel
  • Surabaya : Hotel Ibis Merah, Yello Hotel Jemursari, Neo Gubeng Hotel, Bidakara Hotel
  • Malang : favehotel Tlogomas Malang, Maxone Hotels at Malang, Hotel Tugu Malang
  • Semarang : Hotel Dafam Semarang, Whiz Hotel Semarang, Aston Semarang Hotel And Convention Center, Hotel Ciputra
  • Solo : favehotel Manahan, Brothers Inn Solo, ASTON Solo Hotel, The Alana Hotel and Convention Center
  • Lombok: Hotel Lombok Garden, Grand Senggigi Hotel, favehotel Langko Mataram

Keterangan :

  1. Jumlah Peserta dapat memperngaruhi biaya training.
  2. Biaya dan Lokasi diatas hanya untuk Private Training dan Public Training, untuk In House Training penawarannya dapat menghubungi kami dilink berikut (kontak kami).
  3. Jumlah peserta, jadwal training dan lokasi training dapat menyesuaikan permintaan.
  4. Pemintaan lokasi yang diluar daftar diatas dapat menghubungi kontak Marketing Kami.

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